Proper roofing alternatives for your home

Any house requires a roof to live under. Roofs come in different designs, tastes and feel. The appeal of a house is depicted more on the design of the roof and type of roof used. In Minneapolis, there is a considerable number of contractors for general constructions and roofing Minneapolis. In choosing the best roof for your house, various factors are supposed to be considered. These factors are of course the cost of the roof, the surface type, and durability, the roof’s weight in relation to the frame supposed to hold the roof. Other important factors are: how compatible is the roof to the house, if the roofing type conforms to area construction codes, the weather of the place around where your house is located among other many factors.

In this article, we’ll consider the best and most popular roofing alternatives that can suit any standard home.


Asphalt shingles002

These are the most popular types of roofs for houses which comprise of approximately 75% and above, of residential roofs in the market today. They are popular because they are very cheap and easily accessible. The Asphalt shingles are also easy to install and also come in very different color varieties to select from. All of their color designs conform well with most houses hence bringing out an appeal that is incomparable.


Clay tile roofing

003Clay tiles are another excellent roofing alternative that makes a house very appealing. They are an awesome alternative because the materials used for the manufacturing are natural, eco-friendly and easily accessible, clay can be found in many places. They are also fire resistant, and although brittle, they are also durable under good maintenance. Clay roofs are heavy and because of this, they are substantial and stable on reinforced roof frames. Their weight also guarantees firmness in different slope angles even angles that seem steep.


Metal roofs

This roofing type is more trusted because of its durability and resistance to the wind. Metal roofs are either made of copper, steel, zinc alloy and aluminum. Roofs made of copper are installed with a green patina for protection. On the other hand, steel roofs are coated either with zinc or paint. Very flexible for installation because they come in either shingles or sheets with fasteners that can be hidden to make it appear smooth and classy or exposed fasteners.004


Being an old type of roofing type, a huge improvement has been made on modern models of this roofing type. They are made from natural slate rocks that provide them with a resistive quality of both wind and fire. Although brittle, they are very durable and requires experts to install.…

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