Dispelled myths about invisible dog fence


Many of us have heard about invisible dog fences. But very few people know what they are or how they work. Below are some misconceptions people have about invisible dog fences.

Misconceptions about invisible dog fence

That they are expensive

An invisible fence costs from $1000 to $ 3000. This will depend on the size of your fence and the number of pets you want to contain. If you install the fence by yourself, it will cost you not more than $500; this is inclusive of materials. From whatever angle you look it at, it is cheap compared to other types of visible fences.

The fences do not work

  • DogThey are instrumental in containing a dog. But only if:
    You consistently follow the training process. All brands come with a manual of how to teach your pet to respond when it encounters the fence
  • You buy a fence with a multi liver receiver. It is a device worn by the dog as a collar. After several training sessions, you can customize it to the pet’s temperament and size.
  • Make sure that the receiver is on every time you go out. With the collar, the dog will get a mild shock when it tries to approach the boundary. Some brands produce a high pitched sound. If you leave the dog without the collar, it will realize that nothing happens even after approaching the boundary.

All fences are the same

Well, this is not true because different companies make different brands. Each brand comes with different features. It is therefore important to choose a brand right for your pet’s temperament and size.

There is no need for training the dog to understand the fence

The truth is, you must make them understand how to respond to the fence. If otherwise, two things will happen. It will either run through the fence or become afraid and confused about your yard. All brands come with a manual on how to train the dog to respond.

The invisible fence will hurt my pet

If you buy a quality fence and patiently train your dog how to respond, it can never hurt them. It will only get hurt by being hit by a car or after being attacked by other animals as it roams around.

Some breeds will not respect the fence

Visible fenceWhen it comes to invisible dog fence, breed does not matter. It is irrelevant. It works on all types of breeds.


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