The Home Care Tips For An Inflatable Hot Tub

The inflatable hot tubs just like any other pool of water that humans relax in need regular maintenance. The routine maintenance is meant to keep the water safe and clean. As much as the inflatable hot tubs might not have a huge filter, they will have a tiny filter that is easily clogged. This is one reason as to why the inflatable hot tubs need to be regularly cleaned. There is maintenance kit which will assist the home owner in maintaining these precious assets. The inflatable hot tub reviews will assist you in choosing the best tube. Let us look at some of the home care tips of the inflatable hot tub;

Home care tips



You should test the alkalinity and pH of the hot water tub regularly. You should do this with the maintenance test kits. The spa and pool supplies usually have these items and the instructions to be followed by the users. It is important to note that the guidelines vary from one manufacturer to another. The alkalinity and pH of the water should be adjusted to suit that of the water in the balancing kit. For an inflatable hot tub, the pH should range between 7.0 and 7.7. If the pH is either too high or too low, it may degrade the container by causing damage to the vinyl. The pH of the water should be checked on a weekly basis.

Sanitize the water

Always ensure that you sanitize the water on a regular basis. The water can be sanitized by pouring the sanitizing solution as directed by the manufacturer in the instructions. The tub should always be sanitized before use to prevent individuals from contracting the skin infections like the rashes.

Hot tub filter

The hot tub filter should be removed every week and cleaned. If you are not sure what the hot tub filter is you can check the manual for the exact location. In most of the models, the filter is usually located beneath the inflatable hot tub. It is screw cap which is removable. You can then clean the filter by wiping the debris with a towel and then run the filter under the tap water. You should always check the filter every time you notice grass clippings and leaves in the tub.

Draining the hot tub


Make sure that you drain the hot tub after a fortnight or after a month. Follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s label. Once the tub is empty, you can then clean the inside of the tube with liquid soap. After that, rinse the tub with a hose pipe and ensure that the soap bubbles disappear. After that leave it to dry.


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