The utilization of renewable energy sources has substantial benefits for your health, climate, and economy. Some of the renewable energy sources include biomass, hydroelectric, geothermal, the wind and solar. Each of these sources has its unique costs and benefits. This article is going to explore the numerous benefits associated with the use of environmentally friendly energy technologies.

They do not emit global warming emissions

The increased human activities are overloading the atmosphere with high levels of global warming emissions and carbon dioxide. These emissions are known for trapping heat steadily thereby increasing the planet’s temperature. Electricity production in the unites states accounts for more than 30 % of its global warming emissions, most of which is generated by coal power plants. Power plants fired powered by natural gas produce 6% of the total emissions. There is, therefore, a need to invest in renewable sources to reduce the global warming emissions.

Improved environmental quality and public health

Electricity generated from renewable energy has many public health benefits. It is helpful in reduce both water and air pollution which are emitted by natural gas and coal-fired power plants. The emissions released from coal and natural gas power plants are linked to neurological damage, cancer, heart attacks, and breathing problems. Replacing these energy sources with renewable ones can greatly help in reducing lost work days, health care costs and premature mortality. Even though there are some emissions which are produced from biomass and geothermal energy, their total air emissions are much lower as compared to those of natural gas and coal-fired powered plants.

Inexhaustible energy supply

Renewable energy sources are diverse, and they have the potential of providing all the electricity needed. For instance, in the United States, there are strong winds, plant residues, sunny skies and fast moving water all of which can provide a constant supply of energy. The technical potential of these energy sources is based on their availability given certain environmental and technological constraints.

Economic benefits and job creation

Fossil fuel technologies are generally capital intensive and mechanized. On the other hand, the renewable energy industries are labour-intensive. This has enabled these industries to create more jobs for every unit of electricity produced as compared to the fossil fuels. These industries have created jobs for many people in the United States.


Stable energy prices

The electricity produced from these technologies is affordable. This has greatly helped in stabilizing the energy prices especially when there is a fuel crisis. The cost of power produces from these sources is declining steadily and is projected to continue dropping in the coming years.